To be a Barbarian, you need the right Team Gear. We have different options available for you.

We are currently working on a new design. Stay tuned!

Our Team Gear

Look like a real Barbarians. Further details about the T-Shirt, Polo and Hoodie & all other merchandise are below.

Barbarians T-Shirts

Our Club shirt and Tee are provided by TeamElite.

Barbarians Team Cap

The minimum a true Barbarians needs to have. The Caps allows us to identify you as Barbarians at meets. Besides, it looks great when all team members wearing the cap swimming in relays. No need to train with it, even it would look great, but at meets, it is a must.

The caps are of excellent quality, made from silicon and an excellent fit. The cap is free part of becoming a Barbarian.

Barbarians Polo

Our Team Polo is provided by Game Clothing QLD. The Team needs to place a minimum order of a total of 5 Polo to proceed. There is a 6-week turnaround from the time the order is placed.

You can choose to have your name on the Polo as well.

Polo & Polo with Name

Size Guide: T-Shirt & Polo

Barbarians Jacket

To finalise your Barbarian look, get the Barbarians Masters Swim Team Jacket. It keeps you warm after your laps in the pool, before your race and, of course, after your race. And you will look good in it.

Size Guide: Unisex